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Best Investment Apps in the UK

investment app
In our modern 21st century life, everything has an app. Your phone can control your air conditioning unit and your fridge at home, and even your car itself!
Everyone and everything is jumping on the app-bandwagon. Any product or service worth its salt  today has an app available and if you don’t, you could be running behind your competition.
This app-oriented culture that we’re living in has infiltrated the world of investment, too. You can invest in the stock market, trade forex, or buy and sell cryptocurrency from your smartphone. All while waiting for a bus or train.
In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best investment apps that are available in UK. No investment or financial service instrument knowledge is required!  
You may be saving on financial advice and intermediary fees but that does come with some risk. It’s entirely possible to make some mistakes that will lose you money. Even professionals don’t get it right all the time. Don’t get greedy and use massive initial investment amounts. Start small and keep building with small figures until you’re confident enough to invest larger amounts. 
Remember, all the losses you make are yours to bear. Using a professional investment firm or brokerage will safeguard your losses somewhat, with all the legal policies they’ll have in place. 
Alright, all the formalities are done with, let’s get to the fun!

The Best Investment Apps List

We’ll be giving you all the relevant facts that you want to know about the apps. You can do internet research on the apps if you require comprehensive and in-depth information. We’re just here to show you which apps you can look into.


eToro has been around since 2007 and has made investment available to millions of people since its inception. You can trade stocks and crypto using this platform.
We think a nifty feature of eToro is the “portfolio copy” option. Here you can copy someone else’s portfolio and start trading for profit with no prior knowledge. You’ll also have access to a demo account so you can see how they operate before investing your own cash.


Being a winner of many awards in 2020 and 2021, Wealthify has established itself as one of the leading trading apps in the UK. Any internet search of best investments apps UK will show Wealthify within the top-ranking sites. They offer low initial investment amounts and cashback options on successful referrals to their platform – with T&C’s of course.
Wealthify offers investment into Individual Savings Accounts. During each financial year, you’ll be allowed to invest capped amounts into the ISA and you won’t be taxed on the returns.
Tax-free is something we fancy! We really liked this one.


The absolute best app for beginners. Freetrade has created an interface that is simple and easy to understand so novice investors, and seasoned brokers alike can invest with ease.
Freetrade offers investment options in UK and US stock markets and offers fractional shares as well. That means you can buy expensive shares with a small investment of only £2!
And since you’re new at this, Freetrade offers support from actual people. They also have a comprehensive research library to get you up to speed on stocktrader slang and terms that can easily confuse even the most adept trader.
We suggest you use the Freetrade app if you have no trading experience.


With over 130,000 customers, Nutmeg is proud to call itself the largest digital wealth manager in Britain.
They offer a host of investment styles, which include fully managed and socially responsible investing, so you can invest across a wide variety of stocks and bonds that are managed (or not) by experienced teams of Nutmeg managers.
Not just a bold football trick, Nutmeg is a cheeky investment trading app, too.


An Australian platform that now has its sights set on the UK market. They specialise in US stocks (offering an eye-watering 3,800 options) and have fractional shares, so you can invest in high-value stocks with a small investment amount.
Stake is aimed at experienced investors. They offer zero-commission investments and allow you to build your own portfolio. Stake has a free account with all the benefits of paid options, and a small £50 initial investment required to get your investment career started.
Zero commission for US stocks? Sounds like a winner to us!

Trading 212

They also offer US options (not as much as Stake, however) but have a variety of UK options available. What’s better yet, is you can start trading with only £1. Not many things in 2021 are that affordable.
Trading 212 has a well-developed and executed app but offers a desktop site as well. With the option of fractional share buying, your quid can give you a slice of Google or Apple.
This one is a good option for beginners wanting to trade on US and UK-based markets.


Remember, your capital will always be at risk, whether you’re using managers or your own investments by using an investment app.
These apps don’t guarantee that you’ll become wealthy but they could set you on a course to financial well-being and freedom. At the very least you’ll have some fun and learn new skills. That’s never a bad thing!
Fortunately, some of the apps mentioned have low initial investment amounts that will get you trading in no time and won’t cost you an arm and a leg in doing so.
We don’t know about you, but we feel inspired to download some of the mentioned best investment apps and start dabbling in stocks. Who knows, we might have the next Warren Buffet in the making?




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